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Silver Silkyy Heatless Curler
John (Calgary, CA)
Where has this been all my life?

This works really well! It is a bit awkward to do at first, but practice makes perfect!

Gold Silkyy Heatless Curler
Nancy (Manchester, GB)

I absolutely love this product! It works so well on my wigs (dry or wet hair) i love the fact that it is easy to use and gives fab results ☺️

Baby Pink Silkyy Heatless Curler
Elaine D (Clermont, US)
Best of the best

I am truly so happy I came across Silkyy tiktok page. I was so excited to try this and I am glad I bought it. I have never been able to curl my hair with a wand because I am afraid I burn myself. This silkyy curler is amazing it has changed my hair game, easy to apply, curls last for days, cute curler, lovely dainty colors, comfortable, keeps hair looking shiny. I get do many compliments on my hair since Ive started using this. It take practice practice till you get it right at least for me now i can apply with my eyes closed. To top it off the owner and staff are the best, most sweetest, kind, generous team!!!!!

Baby Pink Silkyy Heatless Curler
taina barrau (Boston, US)
So amazing

Wow i absolutely love this product so much! My curls came out so amazing the next day and no heat damage!?? you should definitely purchase this right now ! <3

Great Curler

The quality is so nice! I ordered one from a different seller before this and it stunk and was filled with a hard material. This one is soft and comfy to sleep in


I love the color. Goes well with the clip

Excellent quality! I couldn't figure out how to make the curls stick at first and the seller walked me through a few different methods. Turns out I just needed styling cream!

I love it!

Black Silkyy Heatless Curler
Danielle Pendleton (Edmonton, CA)
Blew me away

The Silkyy blows my mind every time I use it: as someone with naturally curly hair, I only get curls this great if I spent way more time than desired on my hair with a curling iron (like 45-60mins with my massive mop of hair) or if I'm in the tropics/somewhere with a ton of humidity. As a business owner, it's really nice to have more time in the mornings without sacrificing looking like I'm fiercely ready to take on whatever comes my way. I like to wash my hair at night to avoid using a hair-dryer anyways, so it's been a breeze to incorporate a less than 10 minute process into my evening routine, saving me at least 20-40 minutes in the morning since I no longer need to do my hair at all! It's also a massive relief to know that I'll never accidentally burn off entire sections of my hair again due to a curling iron going on the fritz (wish I was kidding but this happened to me a few years ago, and I still get nervous that I'll suddenly be missing chunks of hair again). The silk scrunchies are an especially nice touch, as they're perfect to help section out and hold your hair easily, plus all the silk has definitely reduced how much frizz I usually wake up to as it's really the only thing that I've changed. So glad I gave this a chance!


Good quality wish it came with a clip


Gold Silkyy Heatless Curler
Bea Moore
My new fav

I like this a lot more than bath robe curls

Black Silkyy Heatless Curler
Autumn Johnson (Pakenham, CA)
Heatless Curler

Absolutely amazing I’m obsessed!!

Black Silkyy Heatless Curler
Shaylyn Umlauf (Edmond, US)
love the scrunchies

she cute

Baby Pink Silkyy Heatless Curler
Shanna (Quepos, CR)
I'm breaking up with my curling iron....

This heatless curler set is IT! i was tired of using my curling iron and continuing to damage my hair. This heatless curler set which ive seen all over tiktok is much more high quality than what i've ordered in the past. going to be buying this for gifts for my friends in the future!

This is an amazing product! The curls came out really nice and it’s comfortable to sleep in. It’s really easy to use and good quality, I would highly recommend! 🤩 As well as that, the customer service team are incredibly kind and helpful!

Baby Pink Silkyy Heatless Curler
Hafsa Ismailjee (New Malden, GB)
Excellent customer service

I first used the silky from very early on when the business was very new…I have recommended the company to others because I love the product and what it does for my hair…and I’ve received great customer service when I had a small issue. Thank you silkyy team.

Transparent Hair Claw Clip
Nancy (Manchester, GB)
Fantastic quality

The claw grip is really strong and sturdy grips well and super cute

Baby Pink Silkyy Heatless Curler
Libby Weavers (Halstead, GB)
Pink hair curler

You need to buy this my curls turned out amazing and lasted till I washed my hair again the next day! I kindly got gifted mine but such good value for the product and it's reusable and good for your hair, I had no breakage of hair or no hair falling out when I took the silky curler off, and hair felt so smooth, I have my video and how it turned out in my highlights on @Libbyweavers.x on Instagram!
thank you ♥️

Baby Pink Silkyy Heatless Curler
Daria Laura (Reading, GB)
Very good

Curls well

Black Silkyy Heatless Curler
Jenna Leskowitz (Lunenburg, US)
Thin hair Beware

This heatless curler doesn’t stay in for thin hair. Even on day 4 hair, I couldn’t get the top part to stay in for more than 20 mins even though it was clipped to the top of my head. I am familiar with French braiding and hair styling so I knew the correct technique to use but unfortunately my hair had fallen out within the first 20 mins of wearing it. I would take it out and redo it a bit tighter to try to wrap the hair so it would stay in longer but it failed each time. I’ve tried it on 3 different occasions since I bought it and the same thing happens every time. Waste of money unless you have thick hair or extensions.

Hi Jenna,

We're so sorry to hear that it didn't work for you. It's been working great for other customers with both thick and thin hair. Please DM us pictures of it in on Instagram or email We'd love to discuss this more with you and help you get it to work.

Kind regards,

Igual a la descripción, envío rápido

Good product

Works great. One star less because feels a little flimsy but I guess that is to be expected with the soft stuffing

Rubber cylinder enough solid but soft, well done.

Baby Pink Silkyy Heatless Curler
Chioma Blaire (St. Thomas, CA)
Worked on my first try!

I am a glad I purchased this curler as I have no skill with heat styling tools! The Silkyy was so easy to use and worked perfectly — already recommended to all my friends!!